Line up 2018: Graham Nash and Steve Earle & The Dukes


Graham Nash

The honours he received speak volumes about him: Graham Nash is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee-with Crosby, Stills, and Nash and with the Hollies, a Grammy award winner, and was presented with the Order of the British Empire by the Queen. Several times in his life he decided to strike a new path, one of his first important turning points was when he left the Hollies’ trendy pop harmony and founded CSN – at times enriched by Neil Young who wrote one oft he most iconic protestsongs against the Vietnam war, „Ohio“. Until today, Graham Nash supports peace, environmental and social issues, he is successful as a photographer and visual artist. Only a few years ago, in his mid 70ies, he significantly changed his life again: a new town, a new love and appropriately his solo album „This Path Tonight“. He consequently says about himself: „Right now I am more creative than in my entire life before.“


Steve Earle & The Dukes

Very few artists have shaped alternative country and Americana as much as he did. For 30 years he has been sailing between rock, folk, blues, bluegrass. More than 50 films can decorate themselves with his songs, and just to name all those he has collaborated with, would make a nice who is who in music business. But on top of that, after drug crashes and time in prison he found the energy and time to work as an actor, novelist and radio presenter. For all his activities and musical excursions shall hold true as Steve Earle emphasizes: „Look, I’m always gonna be a Texan, no matter what I do. And I’m always going to be somebody who learned their craft in Nashville. It’s who I am.” What is also true for this gifted storyteller: He is a life-long socialist, political banter is a backbone of his music and he has a lot of sympathy with the despised. For his latest album he chose a meaningful title: So You Wannabe an Outlaw.

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