Line up 2018: Hańba!


Imagine, punk rock would not have been born in the 1970s, but in the late 20’s – in Poland...

Animated by this idea four guys from the city of Krakow came together in 2013. They had performed metal, folk and some other stuff before, but were not only passionate about music, but also fascinated by the early years of the Second Polish Republic. Similar to many other countries during the interwar period, this era was characterised by a glorious and avantgarde cultural life in Poland, while dark clouds were already gathering politically. Hańba! have soaked up the artistic inspiration and the spirit of the working class people of those years as well as the Sex Pistols’ rebellion. A street folk band out of the box, selected as debut and artist of the year 2014 by music journalists centered around the magazine and internet-platform

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