Line up 2019: SYMBIO - Swedish Hypnosis


1+1=2? Could be, but you cannot be not sure. Listening to the Swedish duo Symbio certainties like that might easily lose ground. Their music sounds like so much more than „just“ hurdy-gurdy and accordion. Lush, wide audio landscapes open up in front of you, Nordic folk, minimalistic art music, elements of electronic club sounds and a hypnotic interaction which just draws you in. “I have a feeling that Johannes Geworkian Hellman and LarsEmil Öjeberget were destined to make music together, regardless of what instruments they might have played.” (Songlines Magazine, Fiona Talkington)


In 2016 Symbio was named Best New Artist of the Year at the Swedish Folk & World Music Awards and up north they were touring extensively since then. This summer Sweden sends its congenial export hit to Rudolstadt to be part of Euroradio Folk Festival which will set up camp on our realm.



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