Two of Estonia’s best voices


Maarja Nuut and Mari Kalkun, two of the best known artists in Estonia, were part of our short list quite from the beginning. We are happy they both have accepted our invitation to Rudolstadt!

Maarja Nuut
She was chosen artist of the year in Estonia and is also celebrated abroad. „A transfixing performance”, describes Mojo / The Art Desk Maarja Nuut’s music. This effect is created by her voice, violin and a loop machine. She combines the sounds of villages with electronic aesthetics, telling fairy tales  from the North of her native country or sometimes just stringing together single syllables. Critics and audience are in rapture likewise and Maarja’s Rudolstadt concert will most probably be no exception.

Mari Kalkun
Another exceptional musician who has been awarded as a singer of the year and who is strongly inspired by Estonian music and stories. But we can promise her performance will be a remarkable contrast. Mari plays the Kannel, a plucked string instrument belonging to the Baltic box zither family. She sings in her Southern Estonian dialect Võro and is deeply rooted in her country’s song tradition, but also eager to try new things like experimenting with Hip Hop. Her band Runorun will be with her in Rudolstadt, their last album TII ILO is a „musical jewel“, writes Global Music Magazine.

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