No Rudolstadt Festival 2020

According to a decison by the German authorities it is now clear that big events are not allowed until August 31st. This also goes for Rudolstadt Festival. Of course the consequences hit us very hard since we were especially looking forward to celebrate our 30th edition with you. But it is out of the question that we support the official decision and all measures necessary due to a situation which is critical all over the world right now.


What about the line up 2020?
You can imagine that our line up was nearly complete. All musicians are facing an extremely difficult situation. We therefore like to adhere to commitments that we have already made and try our best to transfer the program we have already planned to 2021.


What about tickets for 2020?
If you have already bought a ticket, it will of course be reimbursed. In case you have ordered online we will send an email to you with the necessary information regarding the reimbursement. Tickets bought in one of the booking offices can be returned there betwenn 27 April and 27 June.


During the last days we were asked regularly if we accept donations. This is a wonderful sign of support and we are impressed by your solidarity. Every single contribution can strengthen the musical and cultural sector. We therefore are going to set up the possibility for donations around mid may.


Stay tuned for further news here, on Insta and Facebook.


Save the Date for the next Rudolstadt Festival: 1 – 4 July 2021