How does Corona affect Rudolstadt Festival right now?

We still hope that our 30th festival will take place as expected from 2-5 July. We therefore do our very best to stay flexible and be prepared for different situations. But since the situation can change almost everyday the further development is unpredictable for us. Of course we keep a close eye on the development and official recommendations, however it is too early right now to give the festival a final go or bring things to a standstill.
But we have put on hold our pre-sale, because it is not clear how long the present situation will continue. As soon as it will be restarted you can order tickets in our shop as usual. Ticket prices will be the same until we are sold out, this time there will be no increase like in other years.
In case the festival needs to be canceled you will get back your money and it will be refunded as soon as possible. Please do NOT withdraw direct debits on your own. That would lead to a complete confusion and additional transfer fees.
As soon as there are any news we will keep you updated on our website, Insta and Facebook.