Line up 2018: Txarango

Fresh impetus from Barcelona

Line up 2018: Debademba

Charismatic dreamteam from West Africa

Line up 2018: Faber

Songwriter from Switzerland strikes the chord

Line up 2018: Elida Almeida

„A stunning new talent“ (Songlines) from Cape Verde Islands.

Two of Estonia’s best voices

Maarja Nuut and Mari Kalkun confirmed for line up 2018!

Here we go! Tickets for 2018 on sale now.

We’ve made a few changes, please have a look at our information.

Tickets for Saturday sold out!

Tickets for tomorrow are still available.

El Gusto cancelled

Bears of Legend will play instead

Livestream on ARTE Concert

Six shows will be streamed live and then be availbale later as video on demand: Amy Macdonald, Jupiter & Okwess and other...