Brushy One String

by Miriam Rossius

We have one more artist to be announced this year – and a quite unique one:

Musicians like Brushy One String do not stop too often on planet earth. His acoustic guitar has one string only, but the Jamaican twangs it with all the heart, blues, energy, and inspiration one can ever be capable of. Not less admirable is his rich and soulful voice. The instrument’s body is his percussion set beating a simple and infectious rhythm. As Bob Boilen puts it on npr: „That's the beauty of Brushy One String: It's all essence, and everything's essential.“


His father by the way was singer Freddie McKay, quite a celebrity in Jamaica while he was alive. Now two documentaries and millions of views on youtube have given Brushy One String himself some kind of cult status. But still he seems as humble and genuine as his favorite audience were the street vendors on a market in Kingston. In 2020 we will be honored to see him on stage at Rudolstadt Festival!

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