First Dance Festival 1955 – Were you part of it?

by Miriam Rossius

Rudolstadt Festival will be celebrating ist 30th anniversary this summer. But its origins are much older: In 1955 the town of Rudolstadt hosted the first „Fest des deutschen Volkstanzes“ (Festival of German Folk dance). For the first time after World War II about 160 ensembles from East and West Germany came together to dance, celebrate and talk to each other beyond ideological rifts.

Who took part in this event? With a dance group, as an organizer, in the audience or as a host? Who was there and is willing to share fond memories and impressions with us?

We would like to preserve and archive those memories and also present them in this year’s program book if there is enough material.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Please write to
Stadt Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt-Festival, Markt 7, 07407 Rudolstadt or to
or give us a call: +49 - 3672-486401.

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