“A first-rate documentary portrait of the cosmos that is Rudolstadt.... This feature film shows where the music comes from and then continues with the blissful festival.”




The Film

A solitary Sami musician can be seen walking across an endless plain with nothing but snow and rocks stretching as far as the horizon. The documentary film Where Words Fail … opens with long shots of this barren landscape. Yet it closes with diametrically different images: the glowing heat of a summer’s night, thousands of arms moving in rhythm with reggae and hip-hop sounds. The 90 minutes in between present an extraordinary panorama of sounds and characters – snapshots of a festival which has thrived on the diversity of musical genres and cultures for more than 25 years.


Where Words Fail … accompanies musicians, fans and organizers before and during the Rudolstadt Festival. Alternating between individual artists and the festival, the documentary follows Sami musician Torgeir Vassvik, Polish singer Karolina Cicha, and multinational ensemble Eurasians Unity. Using poetic images, the film brings home how people are brought together by the magical power of music.



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