Danke! Thank you! Tapadh leat! Taing! متشكرم! Spas! شكرا Merci! Toda! धन्यवाद ! አመሰግናለው Maharaba! Takk! Obrigada! გმადლობ! dziękuję! hvala! Bedankt! mulțumesc! Gracias! Tak! Grazie! Matondo! Хвала! Teşekkür! Aw ni ce! 谢谢 شکريا ! Gracias! Ευχαριστώ!


Thanks so much to everyone who was part of it and shared with us all the good vibrations, enthusiasm and love for the festival: artists and audience, voluntaries and staff, media partners and sponsors, and of course the people living in Rudolstadt!


Special thanks to the Scottish musicians, friends and partners. It was such a pleasure to you have them here! Looks like they enjoyed it, too...

„This festival is astounding, it has so many magical venues. Castles and churches to parks and pebbled streets, no matter where you look there is music, culture, community and most importantly an international identity. It’s very very special.“ Lisa Whytock, Showcase Scotland Expo


„Great stuff, excellent stuff!“ Fred Freeman, producer of our Robert Burns Special

Save the date: Next Rudolstadt Festival 5-8 July 2018 with Estonia as our country in focus!