Trial marriage: The Euroradio Folk Festival in Rudolstadt

In ancient Ireland (and we’re talking about the seventh century, long before the introduction of strict Roman Catholic morality), the wonderful, highly official custom of the trial marriage existed, in which a man and a woman lived together with all attendant rights and duties. After a year and a day, they had to decide either to formally get married or else to go their separate ways without having to get divorced, suffer social scorn, or incur any legal consequences.

Fast-forward to 2019, and the European Broadcasting Union and the Rudolstadt Festival are now entering into just such a trial union! This summer, the EBU has decided to come to Rudolstadt to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Euroradio Folk Festival. Editorial teams from 16 EBU member states will arrive together with selected musicians representing a wide musical spectrum ranging from a big band to solo accordionists.

Moreover, this forum for various facets of the European scene will be hosted by the EBU in Rudolstadt in 2020 and 2021, too. Once our trial marriage reaches its end after this period, both sides will review how well they got on together – and decide whether it’s worth continuing their partnership!