Starting at midnight on Saturday 6 July

You’ve spent the whole day at the Rudolstadt Festival – and you’re still not tired yet?! If so, make sure you get down to the After Hours Party at saalgärten, which is guaranteed to bring your day to a perfect conclusion!


Shortly after midnight, Iranian percussionist and sound-smith Habib Meftah will provide a taster of the Iranian dance and electro scene. His current programme ‘Sailing Cadence’ is inspired by the history of rhythms, their journey from place to place, country to country, and charts the route of the diverse musical heritage of his homeland – the cultural melting pot of southern Iran – to Europe. The Muslim conquest of Persia and the brisk trade in African slaves on the Persian Gulf in the 19th century added new textures to the rhythms from the region. With this historical experience in tow, Habib takes his music from the coastal town of Bushehr to first Paris and then around the world.


Afterwards, you can look forward to a sweat-soaked gig by Partiet (‘Party’), an eight-piece band from Sweden. In 2010, two young Swedish musicians met in a backyard outside Melbourne. When they returned home a year later, they decided to start a band. Having found musical reinforcements, they all moved into a house together in Småland – and the result of their musical activity was the reggae band Partiet. After a frantic first year with over 110 concerts on streets and squares as well as in living rooms and various clubs, they released their first music video ‘Bra Vibe’ in December 2012. This was followed by their debut album Kulturpolitik. Partiet’s live shows are notorious for their innovative blend of music and politics.


The two live performances will be bookended by Orient Okzidental. This DJ team from Jena delivers a variety of music in traditional and electronic styles. Arabic love songs, rebetiko, klezmer, gypsy brass and cumbia are given startling new twists as they’re merged with futuristic sounds such as breakbeat, moombahton, dubstep, UK garage and drum and bass.


Meanwhile, Circus of Pressure will be manning the turntables in the café from 2am, whipping up a perfect dance mix comprising reggae, ragga, jungle, drum and bass, and dubstep.