Review on 2018...

"Probably one of Europe’s most influential world music festivals."

Songlines, Ken Hunt (Great Britain)


"Thank you for a fantastic festival. Thursday was little bit rainy, but other days were just marvelous: music, atmosphere and weather."

Postimees, Aarne Seppel (Estonia)


"Welcome to the most relaxed festival in the world."

MDR Kultur, Franziska Spaniel (Germany)


"This year’s Rudolstadt Festival was as political as hardly ever before, though it has always been a mirror of the world and its problems."

Freie Presse, Matthias Zwarg (Germany)


"Thank you for a wonderful festival, we really enjoyed every moment."

Fullmoonzine, Barka Fabianova (Czech Republic)

Prospect for 2019...

Next Rudolstadt Festival will take place from 4 – 7 July 2019. We are looking forward to IRAN as our country in focus and French Bourrée as the dance of the year.  Pre-sale will start on 12 December 2018.