Dear Rudolstadt Lovers,

the uncertainties regarding Covid-19 hardly make a good match with the long-term scheduling of a festival. But we don’t want to remain in limbo, because we share your longing for live music. We miss it. Greatly. We are yearning for the exciting, warm encounters which provide so much energy and uplift our minds all through the year when summer has passed already. So we cannot help but keep on preparing the next festival. Our desired date for it is 1 – 4 July 2021.

We are aware that in the end it doesn’t depend on our wishes and desires, but on the pandemic situation. We therefore try to keep several balls in the air and use a range of scenarios based on different parameters regarding the number of people, bands and stages – a responsible, thorough hygiene concept always included of course!

Looking at the current situation we decided not to start our pre-sale so far. We really hope we can give you more information in March.
Can’t wait to see you in Rudolstadt again and wish you all the best until then!

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