Line up 2018: Lula Pena


Lula Pena likes to make herself scarce. No extensive tours, and least of all regular album productions. At the beginning of 2018 she released her third CD – in 20 years. Therefore the concerts and albums of the Portuguese singer, guitarist, composer and poet are even more precious. They are like rare pearls and her fans regard her as the uncrowned queen of fado. Nevertheless she constantly dissolves all boundaries of genre or style, grazing folk, bossa nova, flamenco, French chanson. She sings in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Greek and Italian. Her voice, deep, commanding yet sensitive is as fascinating as her guitar style. Lula Pena’s live performances come in a modest number, but they are a matter truly dear to her heart. In her perception the special bond with the audience is the core of her music.

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