New site for camper vans


Good news for all those with camper vans, tent trailers, rear or roof tents, which previously haven’t been allowed to use the popular caravan site because they haven’t got a power connector. This year, we’ve managed to obtain a new site which allows them to park directly adjacent to the caravan site. Look out for the entrance signposted ‘Bulli-Platz’.

As far as tickets and travel are concerned, this means the following:

If you’re travelling in one of the above-mentioned vehicles and don’t have a festival ticket yet, please order one Combo Ticket Caravanning per person.

If you’ve already bought a Combo Ticket Campsite, just go straight to the new Bulli-Platz in your vehicle – you don’t require a new ticket.

If you’ve already bought a Combo Ticket Campsite and have made special arrangements with the campsite in mind, please go to the campsite as planned.

NB: This does not apply to people sleeping in estate cars and minivans etc. You’ll still be accommodated on the campsite with the corresponding combo ticket.

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